MPLP '2018

MPLP '2018

8th International Symposium and School for Young Scientists “Modern Problems of Laser Physics”

Symposium Agenda

Dear participants,

The Symposium agenda approved by the program commetee.

MPLP-2018 Symposium Agenda (view / download, pdf)

MPLP-Agenda Final
MPLP-Agenda Final
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You may refer the following schedule for planing you flights:

Aug. 25 arrival and registration.

Aug. 26 – 29 symposium sessions.

Aug. 29 – 31 International school on laser physics and photonics for young scientists .

We organize the Altai trip from Aug. 29 to Sept 1 (arrival to Golden Valley Hotel 18:00). The Altai trip interfere with the Young Scientists School and several final session on Aug.29. So, for our guest who plan to attend the Altai trip we schedule their talk to an earlier dates.

We invite to join the Altai trip our guests who do not plan to participate in the Young Scientists School. However, for our lecturers who are interested in the trip to Altai, we can also shift their lectures to an earlier date.

This time within the Altai Trip we will visit tourist center on Katun river. The big cultural program including a folk concert, visiting a waterfall, cave and other places is on the planning.

The information on Altai trip on the website and will be updated later.

For our guest who plan to join the Altai trip we recommend to schedule they departure Sept.2 or late evening Sept.1.

The Organizing Committee needs to know if you are planning to join to Altai Mountains trip or not.

Please inform us by email: